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Monday 17 June:

A great day in Sooke AGAIN + Another Hobie "Story".

This California couple initially came to see us on Saturday to rent a coupe of SUP's. Upon their return after a spectacular hour on the water, they noticed the Hobie kayak's on the dock and were "intrigued"!

Already PFD'd up etc from the SUP-ing they gave them a try - a single Outback each. After just 2 min they we're so impressed they reserved a couple of singles for the following morning - aware that it was 10-15kt+/- forecast as they want to try them in a bit of a breeze! They then went on to explain how a Double kayak nearly cost them their marriage (now 33 years)!

Along with the forecast wind, Sunday arrived and 2 very impressed individuals returned to the dock. They inquired whether I (and Hobie owners in general) suffered any negative comments from the BC "kayak community" being in Hobie's...
"Only from those who have never tried them" was/is my response!

Today (Monday) they visited again... A tandem Oasis this time!
They returned once more, marriage intact - due to the dual controls, lack of need for timing and ability to each go at their own pace - together!
Now firm Hobie converts, they live on a cool temp snow-melt fed lake in CA - and I think will soon become a regular sight on the lake - but probably "together" in a Hobie each!!

Thanks for your business, see you again (they are semi-regular visitors to Sooke ) and welcome to the Hobie way of life!

June 07 2013

It’s warming up to be a great summer at West Coast Outdoor Adventures here in Sooke! We have already been busy with kayak and bike rentals, and the Stand Up Paddlers are starting to appear as the days heat up!
If you’ve been following our Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/WestCoastOutdoor ) or our Twitter feed you also would have seen pictures from our guided Hobie kayak tours and the Tandem Island tours! (check out the kayak limbo vid!)

We’ve been working hard over the winter months getting geared up to ensure you have the best time possible while here in Sooke! Our unique location has multiple options available! For instance – if you’ve already been out kayaking or SUP-ing here before, why not talk to us about a “one-way” rental! We can drop you off from one of several spots in the area and you can return here to our dock, or we can arrange to collect you at a certain easily find-able point at a pre-arranged time – making use of the predicted wind and current direction for the day!
How about a SUP trip from in the Sooke Bay and follow the coast passing the Sooke Bluffs and the Harbour House, you can then choose to portage the Spit – or paddle around it!
Alternatively, take a Hobie kayak and explore the Harbour, but instead of returning, keep going and follow the East Sooke shoreline to sail-boat studded picturesque Anderson Cove, we will pick you up and bring you back by vehicle.
Or for something really different / adventurous, SUP over to Shingle Spit, take the short path to Pike Road and access East Sooke Park and hike to the top of Mt Maguire!

We’ re also working on a spectacular option to extent the biking for those who want to “get off the Goose” – check back here soon or like us on Facebook to stay in the loop!

Whatever you choose, we’ll make sure “ we get You “into” nature…” while visiting Sooke!

Allen – Owner, West Coast Outdoor Adventure Rentals

May 16 2013


Firstly welcome to the new web site, we hope you like the new look!

2013 has kicked off with a bang! We have partnered up with the Prestige Hotel next door – and more partnerships are on the way!


One of the biggest additions we’ve made this year is to expand our “tours” – and the most exciting is the “Island” tours – one way guided sailing trip down the coast. Stay tuned to see the response goes!

The basic itinerary of the tour is to use the prevailing westerly breezes and summer flood tides to bring you from Jordan River back to Sooke, cruising by Sandcut Beach waterfall, Point-No-Point, French Beach, Sherringham Point Lighthouse, Otter Point and the Sooke Bluffs and Wiffen Spit as we return back to the docks. The round trip taking about 4-4.5 hours all going well – and who knows what else we may see sharing the waters with us!


We have also added Stand Up Paddleboard tours, with plenty of options available – check the website frequently as we update route options!


And… as you can see, this is not a real “Blog” page… that will come as the web devolopers get it up and running (so I’m informed) but in the mean-time you can email any comments to blog@westcoastoutdoor.ca and I’ll cut/paste & post any comments here!


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